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A little note about our project:


Dear Listener,


This project began as a mission: I was pregnant with my daughter Gloria and looking for a good lullaby CD for myself, but could never quite find what I was longing for—something both my baby and I would want to listen to that would send us both off dreaming.  That’s when I decided to make my very own.  I figured that nothing could be a better gift to my little girl than her very own set of lullabies sung by her mother.  After 3 years, this project has finally been brought to life through the wonderful collaboration of Francesco Ricci, pianist, for whom I am so grateful! 


What started off as a simple idea for a collection of traditional lullabies has taken form in a 23 track CD (as well as a concert version) of music ranging in style from classical to jazz, to Latin, musical theater and easy listening, and encompassing 7 different languages.  Some of them are our own arrangements, while others are taken directly from traditional literature.  It is music that is intended just as much for adults as for children—music to unwind to—to dream to… 


The creation of this project has proven to be a personal journey, along whose path I have met the most amazing people, from other musicians and composers to technicians, visual artists, as well as other mothers and babies!  Many others have helped to bring this CD project into being, as well, including friends, colleagues, family and mentors. The experience has been personally rewarding on so many levels, and I hope that you will enjoy our work as much as we have enjoyed the experience of creating it for you.   


So with that, I leave you to the music… may it guide you down silvery moonlit paths to lands near and far, to starlit skies of memories and new visions, and may you dream of songs your mamma taught you, or simply learn a few to teach your own children…


Sweet Dreams,




You can contact us directly about CDs or find them at the following store locations:


LIBRERIA LOGOS- Viale della Vittoria, 16, 31044 Montebelluna TV, Italy

THE HOLE RECORDS- Viale della Vittoria, 14/a, 31044 Montebelluna TV, Italy


THE BOOKSHELF- 206 N Main St, McPherson, KS 67460, United States

(Special prices for concert-goers!)

Songs My Mamma Taught Me

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